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Tele-Rehab Portal

for Healthcare Professional

Digital therapy delivery platform designed by scientists and clinicians for Neuro-Rehabilitation

Integrated tele-health solutions for virtual evaluation, home exercise program prescription and patient performance monitoring

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Program Builder
Build exercise program using smart search filters, system templates and clinically designed algorithm
Upload your own exercise videos and create custom program templates 
Tele-Rehab Portal For Healthcare Professionals
Evaluation Tool
Pictorial upper extremity evaluation tool based on modified Fugl-Meyer Assessment of Motor Recovery designed to measure the extent of movement in the affected arm and hand
Exercise Recommendation Engine
Clinically designed algorithm automatically adapts to the evaluation summary and generates a list of matching therapy exercises that can be prescribed to the patient to address each individual's particular profile of deficits
Online Rehab Services
Secured Video Chat
Complete Tele-Rehab solution with HIPAA compliant video chat and secured text messaging
Patient Dashboard
Real time feedback on patient adherence and performance
Easily adjust patient's home therapy program based on their individual progress
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