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Patients admitted to Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities on average spend 70% of their time alone and inactive. Intensive therapy is essential to successful recovery.


Now there is a better way to make this downtime more effective

HandyMotion Plus

Bedside rehab therapy solution for IRF

HandyMotion Plus is a sensor-based smart therapy training solution designed to be used in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities. The system turns the patient room TV into an interactive rehabilitation system.

Patients can easily access the HandyMotion therapy program on their TV by simply changing the channel using the bedside pillow speaker.


Patients use the 2 wireless handheld controllers to play rehab-oriented games on their TV set in their room, at any time of the day.

The system comes with a suit of medically recognized gaming exercises for rehabilitation, audio-visual feedback and movements representations for patients.

Each training module can be customized by therapists to adapt to the patient's specific recovery goals.

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