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Tele-Rehab Home Exercise Program

Empowering stroke patients to perform progressive motor skills training from the comfort of their home

Tele-Rehab home exercise program is designed for stroke survivors who exhibit motor deficits to obtain additional home-based therapy managed by a licensed therapist

Practice motor recovery therapy exercises anytime, anywhere



Step 1

Choose your Tele-Rehab Home Exercise Plan

Step 2

Match with a licensed therapist and receive a personalized training program tailored to  your recovery goals

Step 3

Connect with your therapist and training coach over video and text messaging for guidance and follow up


So you don't have to face your post-stroke challenges alone

It has been an incredible experience and life changing to see my improvement thus far 

The therapy is more convenient for me and it's better for me

Take Control of your Recovery

Start practicing training exercises and functional games from the comfort of your home

All Tele-rehab home exercise plans are backed by 30-day money back guarantee !

Biofeedback Exercise

Surface electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback uses electrodes placed on muscle surface to generate a feedback signal (in vision or sound) in response to muscle activation. It provides a non-invasive window into the nervous system that can be used to monitor muscle activity. Performing training exercises along with EMG biofeedback sensory input provides a more effective way of training and controlling your movement.

You attach a wearable sensor to your body while performing training exercises specifically designed for biofeedback. The sensor transmits sensory input data to a smartphone app, so you can see what is being measured. Using this data, you become aware of your body’s baseline state and take steps to improve it.

Custom Exercise Program
Clinically designed algorithm automatically adapts to the self assessment summary and generates a list of matching therapy exercises customized for each individual's particular area of deficit
Pronation and Supination with Dowel.png

Exercise Program # 8

Prepared by: Self Assessment #4

Task: 8

Time: 11:25

Modified Fugl-Meyer Assessment Tool
Pictorial assessment tool designed to measure the extent of movement on the affected side
Visual Navigation
Convenient way to search and save your favorite therapy exercise videos
Real Time Feedback
Real time feedback on your performance after completing each exercise
Compare your self assessment outcome and monitor your progress over time 
Progress Report_2.png
Gaming Exercise

Clinically designed rehabilitation games provide training for:

  •  Range of motion

  •  Speed

  •  Coordination

  •  Reaction

  •  Motor planning

  •  Strength

  •  Cognitive demand

  •  Endurance


Sample Rehabilitation Games

Balloon Pop

Using HandyMotion Controller

Alien Invaders

Using HandyMotion Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Tele-Rehab home exercise program is right for me?
Many people who have had a stroke could benefit from home exercise program. During your initial assessment, the TRCare therapist will determine if our program is right for you.
What is gaming exercise?
The gaming exercise requires the HandyMotion Neuro-rehab device and it can be purchased when you enroll in the Tele-rehab gaming exercise plan.
What is EMG biofeedback and how does it work?
Surface electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback uses electrodes placed on the body's muscles to generate a feedback signal (in vision or sound) in response to muscle activation. It provides a non-invasive window into the nervous system that can be used to monitor muscle activity. By wearing an EMG sensor on your body while performing therapy training, you can see your muscle activity on a mobile device so that you become more aware of your body's baseline state and can take steps to improve it.
How often do I interact with my TRCare therapist?
You can interact with your therapist and training coach by text messaging 7 days a week. The number of live video sessions varies from 1 to 4 times a month depending on the home exercise plan you choose.
Do you accept insurance?
Our home exercise program is fee-based only and currently not covered by Medicare and other health insurance companies. We offer 30-day money back guarantee so that you can be sure that our program could help you improve and get better results.

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