Home-based digital therapy solution for stroke patients

NeuroMotion is a complete upper extremity rehabilitation console with sensors and motion tracking devices to drive therapy that stimulates brain plasticity.

We are delivering personalized therapy programs to patients with stroke in the form of clinically designed games and exercises.



Step 1

We match you with a licensed therapist and send you a Tele-rehab Home Health Kit with the FDA-registered NeuroMotion or HandyMotion rehabilitation system

Step 2

Your therapist remotely creates customized Home Exercise Program tailored to your specific recovery goals

Step 3

Take control of your recovery and start practicing therapy exercises and functional games from the comfort of your home


Our patented Tele-rehab solution came from the Neural Repair Lab at University of California, Irvine. The system provides a home-based rehabilitation program enabling sustainable long-term managed home care for patients with stroke to achieve their highest level of recovery.

The results of two NIH-funded studies show that this home-based system was highly effective in providing tele-rehabilitation, education, and secondary stroke prevention to participating patients with stroke.

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